Realize your pin potential.

Pin Potential is an all-in-one solution for business owners and service providers that bridges the gap between Pinterest and marketing.

In just 30 minutes per week, you can build your audience, increase traffic, and generate consistent sales with our 9-step course framework based on proven marketing strategies

So you can stop spending endless hours on your laptop and more time living a life that you love.

👇 Are you ready to live a life that you love?👇

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Pin Potential has helped 2,000+ members just like YOU create a Pinterest strategy for their business.

Hey friend, I see you:

You’re a high-achieving, self-motivated business owner looking to grow your dream business with the help of Pinterest.

You want to boost your website traffic and grow your revenue while having the freedom to live your life.

(And BTW: In my world, the word “business owner” is used as a broad sweeping term that also encompasses creators and bloggers).

And let’s be real: 

✖️You know you weren’t put on this earth to be on social media 24/7/365 – in and out of soul-sucking Facebook communities filled with spammy messages, endless sales pitches, and posting to the sound of crickets.

✖️You’ve had enough of trying to figure out the Instagram algorithm – the 48-hour lifespan on your valuable content leaves you feeling deflated because you’re almost positive it never crosses the eyeballs of your ideal clients.

✖️But not only that, there’s just so much to focus on.  Between email marketing, paid ads, organic growth, in-person networking (and online networking too), your head is spinning.

✖️You know that every minute on social media is a minute away from your family and friends – you just want to come up with a strategy that works passively while you get some “QT” with the ones that matter most (it’s really not that much to ask is it?).

And the thing is:
You know about the power of Pinterest.  But you’ve had little success so far because…

You don’t actually know how to master it.

(or maybe you just don’t have time to figure it out)

You don’t want a pieced-together strategy based on outdated Pinterest masterclasses and free online products.

And if you’re being honest, what you really want is to:

❤️Build a business that supports a life that you love.  You want to spend less time marketing your business and more time living – hanging with your family and friends (both human and fur members), tending to your thriving garden, and going for impromptu day-long hikes.

❤️Skip out on the traditional social media “must-dos”.  You don’t want to be pressured to document every aspect of your seemingly “camera-ready” life on social media.  You want to live in the moment without thinking about all the “shoulds” that are praised by social media “experts” online.

❤️Leverage the power of search engines so that your content lives a longer life.  You want your content to continue to be discovered for weeks, months, and years from now so that you can hit over 1M impressions on your pins and sell your products and services on autopilot.

❤️Have a laser-focused plan that sets you up for successYou want to go from cringing and feeling unsure about your marketing strategy to having a step-by-step plan that works for you so you can stop wasting time on things that don’t work.

But how can you do it?

How can you maximize your marketing efforts so that you can have a huge boom in your product or service sales, while also building a life and business that you love?

The secret lies in the magic that…

Pinterest is NOT like other traditional social media platforms
it’s a search engine.

And the good news is, I have everything you need to not only optimize your Pinterest strategy but take your business to the next level – with an all-in-one solution that is proven to get business-changing results…



A one-of-a-kind Pinterest marketing membership for business owners and service providers that fuses a 9-step course structure with coaching and a supportive community.

Pin Potential gives you the training, tools, and support that you need to grow your sales, audience, and traffic without the overwhelm – in just 30 minutes per week.

With Pin Potential, you’ll change the trajectory of your business with:

✔ Step-by-step self-paced training modules that are constantly being updated to reflect current industry changes. 

✔ Insider Pinterest knowledge coming from real contacts at Pinterest so that you’re confidently “in the know”.

✔ Access to an expert coach and a community so that you can stop Googling and piecing information together and start getting reliable, timely answers. 

✔ Shortcuts, tips, and tricks to high-converting pins so you can save your precious time by using things that are already proven to work.

✔ Endless amounts of live trainings, workshops, and tutorials for all the things over and above Pinterest, including email marketing, copywriting, storytelling, funnels, and soooo much more.

And most importantly, you’ll…

Get everything you need to not only be successful on Pinterest but to also grow your business.

(I was 100% serious when I said…
“You’ve never seen a Pinterest marketing membership like this before”). 

This sh*t seriously works.

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Enrolment closes in:


Now, you might be wondering… 

Who the heck are you to be coaching Pinterest?

Hey, I’m Meagan – pronounced Mee-gan.  

I’m a Seasoned Pinterest Marketing Expert, Certified Business Coach, wife, and proud mom of two wonderful kiddos and two fur babies (one of which is a *brand new* addition 🐶). 

Over 10 years ago, I was a beta user for Pinterest and used it to grow my DIY and decor blog.

I completely fell in LOVE with the platform and especially enjoyed having the freedom to test out how much Pinterest could really grow my audience.  

I spent a lot of time researching, strategizing, and testing and then…

Things took off.

I attracted over 125,000 seriously good followers.  They were legit influential followers.  And soon, they started asking ME to manage their Pinterest accounts. 

And then an even crazier thing happened. 

Pinterest reached out to ask if I’d run Pinterest training for them.  I was over the moon, especially when I found out that I’m one of the few non-Pinterest employees trusted by Pinterest (now that was a major clink-worthy moment).

Even though I no longer run my personal blog, I’ve continued to run my multi-six-figure coaching and consulting business with the help of Pinterest and it still brings in leads and remains to be the MVP in my organic and paid marketing system.

And that’s why I created Pin Potential. 

To show you…

…That contrary to popular belief, Pinterest is NOT only for bloggers.

…That with the right Pinterest and marketing strategy, you can see game-changing growth in your business (like the growth I’ve witnessed in 100s of other Pinterest accounts that I’ve managed and had the privilege to work on). 

…That you can drive more traffic to your website from Pinterest and attract clients, customers, and readers that you never dreamed were possible.

I promise you, it is possible.  And I will help you get there.

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Enrolment closes in:


This might be a Pinterest-focused space…

But really, It’s a learn-to-really-grow-your-business space.


“I have been a member of Pin Potential for so long I can’t remember my business life without it. Obviously, there’s a focus on Pinterest, but I have learned and gained so much more for my travel website than how to run a successful Pinterest account.

Meagan is a wonderful community leader: she is generous with her time, knowledgeable and well-connected, and chances are she’s already done it – and has the receipts.

If you are in doubt about signing up, don’t be. I signed up thinking “I’ll give this a go for a few months and see what happens” … that was over two years ago!”
Thomas D

“Meagan is truly an industry expert with heart”

"Being a member of Pin Potential has been life changing for me. Meagan's generous and welcoming approach made me feel like she genuinely cared about me and my business.

Her membership includes an in-depth course on using Pinterest as well as multiple monthly masterclasses, Q&A style sessions and meetups.

Meagan is truly an industry expert with heart. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their marketing strategy, on Pinterest and beyond!"
Libby M

Learning curves are a b*tch.

You need a simple plan with actionable goals.

Pin Potential will help you lay a solid foundation. It’ll teach you the tools, the strategies, and the habits that will grow with you long term – so that you can be empowered to continue to succeed without Pin Potential.
Here’s what you’ll find inside:


Our no-fluff 9-step Pin Potential Framework and course includes 9 modules and content, with over 130+ videos, workbooks, and additional resources that will allow you to create a customized strategy based on YOUR business model.

These videos are self-paced and available 24/7, so you can watch them whenever it works best for you. We will help you stay on track by:

✔ Only allowing you to play the modules in sequential order; and
✔ Including a Success Checklist at the end of each module.

We recommend that you set aside at least 30 minutes per week to complete the 9 modules and corresponding workbooks. Most students have completed the 9-step framework in 3 months when committing at least 30 minutes per week.

Here’s what the 9-step framework will cover in a nutshell:

✔ How to optimize your account and profile.
✔ How to create content that sells and generates superfans.
✔ How to use drive engagement, follows, and traffic.
✔ How to simplify and strategize using a dynamic Pin approach that attracts and converts your audience.
✔ How to analyze data to see what’s working and what’s not.
✔ How to turn clicks into conversions.
✔ How to automate your Pinterest.

…and sooo much more!

Value $8973   (9 x $997/module)

Community Support with bi-weekly Q&As, Coaching, Copy Clinics, and Live Training

You’ll come for Pinterest and you’ll stay for the community. As a member of the Pin Potential family, you’ll receive endless support and inspiration from other members in the group. This is what truly sets Pin Potential apart.

There are regular Q&A drop-in office hours, coaching calls and review clinics lead by me, Meagan (and other Pinterest experts), which not only help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends but allows you to ask burning questions as they arise so that you can move forward successfully without delay.

The live trainings and Q&A sessions are recorded, close-captioned, and saved inside of your Pin Potential Member’s Portal so you can watch them whenever works best for you.

Just to give you a taste of our recent live trainings…

✔ Pin Workflow and Scheduling on Pinterest
✔ Meagan’s TikTok Strategy
✔ Meagan’s Blogging & Content Creation Plan
✔ Lead Generation on Pinterest
✔ Running Meta Ads for Your Business (Facebook and Instagram ads)

Value $797 per month

Join an Engaged Community and Build Life-Long Relationships

Our Facebook Community allows you to build relationships and share wins with the Pin Potential family. It also allows you to ask questions as you progress through the modules and share your experiences and growth to inspire others.

Value $297 per month

Unlocked Access to Expert Masterclasses (Current and Future Masterclasses)

These expert masterclasses are PURE gold as they will teach you about so much more than just Pinterest. When you join Pin Potential, you’ll get access to all of the existing masterclasses (over 12 hours worth) AND you’ll get access to every new masterclass going forward.

Some of the recent expert masterclasses included:

✔ Impactful Videos with Monique Hutson
✔ Storytelling on your About Page with Zafira Rajan
✔ The Art of Zero-Click Content with Amanda Natividad
✔ UX & Website Copy with Susan Reoch
✔ How to Create a Cult Like Following with Kerrie Fitzgerald

…and soooo many more!

Value $2,364+

Plus, there’s more…
You didn’t think I’d forget about bonuses, did you?!

You’ll also get…

Over 60+ Ready-to-Use Canva Template Bundles & Tools

This will help you create high-converting Pins ASAP with instant access to Pin Canva Templates.

You’ll also get access to a Pin Title Generator, a Pin Style Cheat-Sheet, a Content Planner, a Pinterest Growth Spreadsheet, Stock Photography Bundle, and soooo much more

Seriously, I’m not holding anything back here… this is soo good!

Plus! You’ll get access to all of the new amazing resources and tools that come out each month.
Value $1567+

Total value:   over $13,998

Your Investment: $77 per month

(Yep, you read that right, only $77 per month and there’s no commitment.  

Meaning… you’re not locked in and you can cancel any time)

And not only that:
We offer bi-annual and annual subscription options at a discounted rate if you’re ready to 100% commit to your success today.

And I like to reward those who are committed to their success, so…

If you sign up for our annual or bi-annual payment option you’ll also get:
A 30-minute 1-on-1 Business Coaching Call with me, Meagan 🙂

We’ll go over your current business strategy and I’ll give you my advice on the things that you should focus on moving forward. You’ll also get the recording along with actionable notes and steps forward. This call is GOLD for anyone looking for custom advice.

Monthly Subscription Option

No Commitment & Cancel Anytime
$ 77
USD - Monthly

6 Month Subscription Option

Renews every 6 months - Cancel Anytime
$ 347
USD / 6 months
  • $115 in savings compared to our monthly membership option

Annual Subscription Option

Renews every 12 months - Cancel Anytime
$ 647
USD / 12 months
  • $275 in savings compared to our monthly membership option

The truth is:

A Pinterest-Only Strategy Is Not Enough.

That’s why Pin Potential takes a holistic approach centred around creating an entire ecosystem for your unique business – and it all works together to ensure you’re set up for success.

Whether you’re a coach, a course creator, a blogger, shop owner, or a service provider, Pin Potential will work for you.

We’ll cover everything from setting up your Pinterest profile and your statistics to keeping you up-to-date on the latest Pinterest lingo changes (and everything in between).

Let’s face it, social media platforms are constantly changing. And that’s why Pin Potential is a dynamic membership with new uploads happening weekly – instead of an outdated stagnant course.

I’m telling you…

Pin Potential is your one-stop membership for everything digital marketing and social media.

So what do you say?

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WARNING: This next section is for detail-oriented/research people.

If that’s not you, feel free to continue scrolling through. 🙂

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Enrolment closes in:


Our “Realize Your Pin Potential” Guarantee

Commit to your business success by doing the work and I guarantee you’ll see results

And that’s because… the strategies I teach you inside Pin Potential are already proven to work and not only that, but you’ve also got me (Meagan) and other experts in your corner.

And just so we’re clear, doing the work means:

✔ Completing the 9-step framework modules and workbooks

✔ Showing up to Q&As to get answers to your burning questions

✔ Consistently putting in the work to grow your business

✔ Staying up-to-date on the latest Pinterest updates (I’ve got these covered for you, you’ll just need to stay in touch)

And why am I so confident?  It’s because: 

  1. You’ll legit have everything you need to succeed, and more.
  2. You’ll gain momentum faster than ever before because you’ll be following a step-by-step framework that is tried and tested and inspired by the work I’ve done managing and working with 100s of successful Pinterest accounts in the past. 

You’ll have the support and community you need to keep going even when you’re confused, overwhelmed, or just don’t wanna.

It’s your turn to see business growth results like this:

Make way for a surge of "I found you on Pinterest" messages

Secure your spot in Pin Potential today.

We only open up Pin Potential a FEW times per year
so I can spend all of my time helping current members.

I won’t be opening up Pin Potential until February 2024.

Get in now, the cart closes in:


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Stop going through spurts of productivity.
And start laser-focusing.

Let’s be honest:

There’s a reason you’ve made it this far and still haven’t hit that “Join Now” button.  You’re likely worried about time, money, or whether you think you can follow through with the 9-step framework course.

I want you to feel excited about joining Pin Potential and 100% supported to finally build a life and business you love, because:

✔ You’ll be able to build your business to work around your busy life – our live trainings and expert masterclasses are recorded so that you can watch replays without feeling like you’re falling behind.

✔ You’ll feel like you’re financially in control of your membership because you can cancel anytime (on a monthly membership) or you can choose to save money by joining a 6 or 12-month subscription – helping with your cash flow and tracking.

✔ You’ll feel supported, inspired, and held accountable as part of the Pin Potential Family so you’ll blast through the training while feeling like you can actually do this because you’ve got people in your corner.

✔ You’ll feel like you belong to an all-in-one membership and don’t need to go elsewhere for support.  You can say goodbye to Google searching, piecing free resources together, and multiple coaching and membership subscriptions.

And most importantly, you’ll start seeing passive growth in your business without having to sacrifice all of your free time to make it happen.

You might also be wondering...

A membership subscription is like a course or program, but better! It is a dynamic course platform that allows you to work through Meagan’s signature Pinterest marketing framework systematically. Each month, new content is added and supplied to active members – this includes coaching calls, new trainings, templates and tools as well as workshops with other experts (this is above and beyond the course framework). You can work as quickly you want or make your way through the teachings at your own pace. You can pay on a month by month basis or save money by buying a 6 month or annual pass. 

Pin Potential is set up as a monthly subscription program (or membership) where you pay on a month by month basis (subscription based) to continue to access to learnings and resources – sort of like Netflix. You can save money by signing up for a 6 month subscription or an annual membership (this is what most members prefer to do!)

You have access to Meagan’s framework (course) which is set up to be accessed step by step to ensure your success. Resources and tools, the community, additional trainings and expert masterclasses are unlocked immediately. Once you sign up, you get instant access to start the course immediately and can dive into the additional resources any time you want. 

Pin Potential is an inclusive environment with a wide variety of business owners and bloggers starting their journey with us at different stages. With that said, Pin Potential is focussed on helping you get strategic on Pinterest and does not cover the absolute beginner “101” information. We are able to provide you with additional guidance but Pin Potential is best suited for those with an existing Pinterest account who are looking to get strategic. 

Although Pinterest can be used in conjunction with other platforms – such as third party selling platforms (Etsy), affiliate marketing, Instagram and YouTube (which we do cover), we always prefer when our members have a website up and running to promote their own content. We will support you with your journey if you choose to promote social platforms or other methods of marketing. 

Yes. We do cover running basic paid advertising in Pin Potential. Pin Potential’s main focus is on organic Pinterest marketing strategies but we do teach how to layer paid advertising on top of your organic strategy. Although it is not our sole focus, we do love teaching running Promoted Pins. Currently we offer training on traffic campaigns. To support your learning journey, we have brought in a guest Pinterest Ads Expert to offer detailed training. 

Yes! We do always think it is best if you do actively blog for your website but we also consider other methods of content such as Instagram, YouTube, video marketing and leveraging other platforms. 

Pin Potential has been designed in such a way to provide information to support your learning from ecommerce to bloggers to coaches to service based freelancers. We provide strategies that are tested and work. Along with course work that addresses different niches and industries, our frequent coaching calls allow for personal and individualized support that may be unique to your industry/business model. 

We recommend that you allocate 30 minutes a week to working on Pinterest with us! We see our members getting the best results when they make time to apply what they are learning and submit questions about their strategy. 

RIGHT? Thankfully, the membership model of online training is PERFECT for a fast moving social media platform like Pinterest.

We know that Pinterest is constantly changing and evolving – we strive to provide up to date information to our members which is done in the form of lives and updated new trainings which address the ever growing platform. 

We have up-to-date best practices for 2023, along with all the new features. As a trusted external Pinterest strategist, I get a direct line to Pinterest employees to get feedback, news and updates. 

YES! The wonderful thing about Pin Potential is that it isn’t JUST about Pinterest – social media doesn’t operate in a vacuum. We teach a holistic approach to your online and digital marketing – and touch upon sales funnels, email marketing, website development, other social channels and paid advertising. We want to help you be successful and part of that is helping you with the other moving pieces that will help you grow your audience and business. We also bring in world class experts to teach us about their area of expertise such as SEO, website design, storytelling, videography and more. 

Join a one-of-a-kind gem:

A community that combines Pinterest savvy with marketing know-how.

Enrolment closes in:

Pin Potential Membership
- Monthly -

Monthly subscription - NO Committment, cancel anytime.
$ 77
USD - Monthly
  • Access to Meagan's framework, coaching calls and community
  • Access to 7+ Courses on Pinterest Marketing including, account optimization, website optimization, Tailwind, Pin Creation, and more.
  • Expert masterclasses from industry experts on email marketing, SEO, sales funnels, FB ads and more
  • Pinterest marketing tools, templates + resources to save you time, headaches and frustration
  • Members only Facebook community
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls including drop in office hours + Q&A calls
  • Regular live training sessions on topics such as content creations, sales funnels and email marketing
  • 2 months free access to Tailwind (for new Tailwind users)

Pin Potential Membership
- 6 Months -

Annual subscription - Renews every 6 months
$ 347
USD / 6 months
  • Save $115 compared to monthly membership
  • Access to Meagan's framework, coaching calls and community
  • Access to 7+ Courses on Pinterest Marketing including, account optimization, website optimization, Tailwind, Pin Creation, and more.
  • Expert masterclasses from industry experts on email marketing, SEO, sales funnels, FB ads and more
  • Pinterest marketing tools, templates + resources to save you time, headaches and frustration
  • Members only Facebook community
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls including drop in office hours + Q&A calls
  • Regular live training sessions on topics such as content creations, sales funnels and email marketing
  • 2 months free access to Tailwind (for new Tailwind users)

Pin Potential Membership

Annual subscription - Renews every 12 months
$ 647
USD / 12 months
  • Save over $275 compared to monthly membership
  • Access to Meagan's framework, coaching calls and community
  • Access to 7+ Courses on Pinterest Marketing including, account optimization, website optimization, Tailwind, Pin Creation, and more.
  • Expert masterclasses from industry experts on email marketing, SEO, sales funnels, FB ads and more
  • Pinterest marketing tools, templates + resources to save you time, headaches and frustration
  • Members only Facebook community
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls including drop in office hours + Q&A calls
  • Regular live training sessions on topics such as content creations, sales funnels and email marketing
  • 2 months free access to Tailwind (for new Tailwind users)

You deserve to have a business that’s as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

Let’s build it together.

Please let us know if you experience any difficulties or have questions or comments about the website!

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