Pin Potential Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Pin Potential Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Last Revised September 23, 2022

While most applications are accepted, Pin Potential reserves the right to refuse or terminate any affiliate relationship.

Affiliates are awarded 50% of all paid membership subscription fees made by customers entering the Pin Potential website through valid affiliate links within 90 days of clicking said link.

Any commissions earned on refunded purchases will be invalidated and deducted from the affiliate’s account or retained from future earnings as necessary.

All accounts will be paid out in $USD via PayPal or bank eTransfer. It is the affiliate’s responsibility to maintain an active PayPal account that can accept payment.

One payout will be made between the 15th and last day of every month for the balance of commissions from the month prior. A minimum balance of $50 must be met before a payout will be processed; for months where balance is below $50, the unpaid balance will be carried over to the following month.

It is the responsibility of the affiliate to ensure that all contact and payment details are updated and maintained as necessary.

Affiliates are not allowed to earn referrals on purchases made through their own affiliate links.

We love our members – that’s why we expect all affiliates to adhere to the guidelines set out by the FTC. Please properly disclose any endorsements or affiliates you make in regards to Pin Potential.

Don’t be sneaky; this means do not establish domains with similar spelling to Pin Potential for the purpose of generating affiliate commissions; do not generate commissions through pay-to-click, click exchange, spam or other incentive-based methods; do not use cookie-stuffing techniques. If you are unsure about any methods you are using, feel free to contact us first.

Pin Potential reserves the right to withhold referral commissions or terminate the affiliate relationship at any time. 

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