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Thanks to Pin Potential: the membership that’ll keep you in the loop of all things Pinterest current and cool so you can grow an online business that works while you sleep.

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"A client found me on Pinterest and signed up for my 1:1 services. It brought in $5K - all from Pinterest.”

:record scratch: 

You might be wondering how Pinterest can help YOU bring in a cool $5k in one fell swoop like it did for Amy here. 

Or how it helped Christine boost her website traffic by 127%, leading to some of the best revenue months in her business EVER.

Or how Lisa got an extra 637 new email subscribers without having to talk about her freebie every single day. 

Well, I’ll let ya in on a little secret: 
All of these women are leveraging the most current and powerful Pinterest marketing strategies that have been fine tuned, tweaked and perfected for over a decade. 

🥁 Introducing…🥁 Pin Potential!


Pin Potential is NOT a DIY course.

Sure, you’ll unlock my 9 module Pinterest Marketing training course (updated for 2024), but Pin Potential is sooo much more than that.

Think of it as an evolving, fluid membership with regular trainings, workshops and coaching calls that’ll teach you how to leverage the massive (untapped!) potential of Pinterest as part of your high converting sales funnel.

What’s Actually Included in Pin Potential?

9 Module Core Training Program

Master Pinterest marketing with this in-depth & updated course. 130+ videos, workbooks and extra resources


2x coaching calls a month where you get my brain on your business challenges and Pinterest questions

Review Clinics

Personal reviews of your Pinterest strategy by me and other Pinterest experts

Active Facebook Community

Get accountability in reaching your goals with hundreds of other like-minded business owners

Templates & Resources

Slash your workload dramatically with content, reporting and graphic templates

Expert Workshops

Regular training on topics that will help you grow your online business: copywriting, SEO, Facebook ads, Google Analytics, mindset and so👏much👏more!

Doors only open twice a year!

“A client found me on Pinterest and signed up for my 1:1 services. It brought in $5K – all from Pinterest.

In regards to my email list – I’ve been on a mini-social media hiatus. I took a 1 whole month off, jumped back on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, and just opened my Facebook for the first time in about 6 weeks.

During this time I wasn’t promoting anything or even visible online – and my email list was still growing every single day because of Pinterest.” 

– Amy Coates, Business Coach

“Working with Meagan and her Pin Potential team is like having a virtual squad of friends who want to see you succeed.

If you’re floundering in a sea of Pinterest turmoil, this team of authentic, experienced, and ethical experts are happy to help you find your way.

Pin Potential provides a place where you can access tons of relevant, practical, and useful learning. This is a great investment in your business!”

– Simone Wessels-Bloom

“Since I changed my strategy, I focused on fresh pins, and followed the tips that Meagan shares with us, my traffic has grown by approximately 120% compared to my traffic last year during the same period. Thanks Meagan.”

– Silvia Martinez

Afraid Of Falling Behind Tech And Algorithm Changes?

I hear ya, Pinterest and other online platforms are always changing, right? 

But Pin Potential is NOT some static course or dead-end community that leaves it to you to work out what’s changed and what no longer works as you watch your traffic drop and sales decrease.  

I make sure to update any training as tech and algorithms evolve so you’re NEVER left using stale strategies that stopped working 6 months ago… 

“I started Pin Potential, and it’s amazing I love it! I already took a Pinterest course but yours is something else!

Even if I’m already a Pinterest manager, I love going through Pin Potential for a refresher and another way of learning. I wasn’t really satisfied with my previous course. Thank you Meagan you are f**king amazing“

– Priscilia H, Pinterest Manager

Hey, I’m Meagan Williamson and I’ve been Mastering Pinterest Since I was Personally Invited to Join their Beta Testers in 2011

You might be wondering who the heck am I to be coaching anyone on Pinterest. 


There’s a lot of gurus out there making hyped up promises without the results to back it up, so you should be doing your background checks before investing in any type of coach. 

With that said, I’m Meagan and that screenshot right there is CEO of Pinterest, Ben Silberman, personally inviting me to join Pinterest’s Beta program back in 2011.

Yes, I’m old enough to have had a New Kids on the Block beach towel AND to have joined Pinterest in its early Beta phase! 

I started using Pinterest to drive traffic to my own home decor blog, but soon fell in love with the platform itself and helping other bloggers and business owners leverage it to skyrocket their traffic and sales. 

I ran my own Pinterest marketing agency for 6 years helping businesses of all shapes and sizes grow their accounts. 

From household brands to ambitious bloggers, from ecommerce to coaching businesses, I’ve worked in the trenches of HUNDREDS of Pinterest accounts and packaged up all of that experience within Pin Potential. 

The Pinterest Strategies That I Share In Pin Potential Have Helped My Students:

  • Gain a 1400% visibility boost from their Pins 
  • Get high-ticket coaching clients from Pinterest (yep coaches, Pinterest isn’t just for bloggers!)
  • Get featured on the “Today” tab in Pinterest 
  • Grow referral traffic to their site from Pinterest by 400% 
  • Sell their online courses on autopilot 
  • Hit over 1M impressions on their Pins 
  • Land paid clients for their service-based-businesses

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Unlike most other memberships or courses, I don’t just teach strategies that have worked for ME and MY business, but what I’ve seen working across dozens of different industries and niches from my decade of experience growing Pinterest accounts. 

Pin Potential Isn’t Open for Enrolment Right Now. Join the Waitlist To Get Notified When We Open Our Doors Again!

Is Pin Potential Worth It? Lemme Give the Mic To Some of Our Amazing Pin Potential Members

“I’ve taken 9 Pinterest Courses and Meagan’s is by far the best one.” – Chelsea X

“Through consistent and minimal integrated marketing efforts in my business over the course of a month or two, I was able to boost website traffic growth by 127% and it led to some of the best revenue months in my business and career to date.” – Christine Lie

“I absolutely love Megan’s Pin Potential!

As someone that loves Pinterest for personal use I did not understand how to use it for business. She walks you step by step in how to use Pinterest to grow your business. And what I really have enjoyed is the Q&A she holds inside of the membership group where she takes the time to answer all of your questions and I’ve learned so much that way.

My favorite was the pin copy clinic she held inside the membership area where she went over my pin and showed me exactly how to write a pin description which was a major game changer for me!

You can’t go wrong working with Meagan in her Pin Potential course!” – Liz Chapman, Handmade Shop Owner

We’re Keeping Your Seat In Pin Potential Nice And Toasty!

Pin Potential isn’t open for enrollment right now.

But you can join our waitlist and get notified when we open our doors to new members by signing up below. 

Please let us know if you experience any difficulties or have questions or comments about the website!

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